Adding Function and Elegance to Your Outdoor Space: The Benefits of a Timber Pavilion Kit

What You Should Know About a Timber Pavilion Kit

A timber pavilion kit is a great way to add a backyard structure that will last for years. But before you get started, there are a few things you should know.

A timber pavilion is a beautiful addition to any landscape. It adds function to your outdoor space, and it’s durable in any weather.

Easy to Assemble

If you love the look of heavy timbers, but don’t have space in your backyard to build a pavilion, you can still enjoy the beauty of a gazebo or pavillion by choosing a kit. These kits have pre-cut and pre-drilled wood, and come with easy-to-follow illustrated instructions. A simple assembly process will have you enjoying your new pavilion in no time!

Adding an extra gable to your pavilion can help define an entrance, or create a second wing on the structure. You can also add a cupola to your pavilion roof for added decoration or ventilation. Knee braces are another great option for defining an entrance or accenting a distinctive design element.

Many public spaces, such as parks and schools, utilize pavilions for large communal event spaces. These large, sturdy timber frame structures blend well with natural environments and offer a majestic look that accentuates a scenic outdoor area. These structures can host everything from church picnics to theater productions. Their distinctive hammerbeam split-truss design endues them with a sense of strength and character that sets them apart from any other structure.


A timber frame pavilion is a great way to add character and elegance to your outdoor space. They are sturdy and can be outfitted with a kitchen or fireplace to create a cozy spot to relax. The large size of a timber frame pavilion also makes them ideal for hosting parties or weddings.

Another advantage of a timber pavilion is that it can be customized to fit your home or backyard. Timber frame structures are known for their design flexibility, with artisan trusses that can range from rustic to refined. You can also add a custom-designed deck to complement your pavilion.

Many companies offer a pavilion kit that allows you to build your own timber frame pavilion at a fraction of the cost of a professionally-built structure. These kits include all the lumber and roofing needed for your project, along with detailed instructions. They are designed for self-assembly, and the lumber is pre-cut and pre-drilled to your specific design.

Easy to Paint

A timber pavilion can be transformed into a cozy nook or a gathering place for friends and family. It can also be fitted with ceiling fans to cool the space and lights for evening ambiance. To enhance the functionality of your pavilion, add an electrical package to power outdoor lighting and other appliances.

Like the ancient trees in a forest, a wooden pavilion weaves its own enchanting spell over your garden. Its natural wood tones echo the surrounding foliage and its lines reflect the contours of your garden. As its alchemist, you will have to preserve this symphony with regular cleaning and timely attention to any damage or pests.

Unfolding your timber pavilion kit is like uncovering a treasure box filled with carefully-crafted pieces. The sturdy posts, robust beams, and elegant roof panels come together to form an architectural marvel. Each element has a role to play, working in harmony with one another to transform your garden.


Timber frame pavilions are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Their heavy timbers and interlocking joints give them strength and stability, as well as a majestic look. They can also be used to create a unique backdrop for weddings or even a restaurant.

Here at Fishers Backyard, we offer two different styles of timber frame pavilion kits. The Grand Teton-style has rounded cross-beams that stand out and exude strength and elegance. The Denali-style pavilion, on the other hand, has a distinctive hammer beam split truss design that adds a touch of gothic architecture to any space.

Many public entities use timber frame pavilions in parks and other public spaces to host community events, such as church picnics, theater productions, or school field days. They also make great options for private businesses, such as restaurants looking to expand their seating areas during the summer. This is because they are large, sturdy, and timeless. In addition, they are also affordable.

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