Build an Outdoor Pavilion to Host and Protect Guests from the Elements

L Shaped Pavilion Plans – Protect Your Guests From the Elements

Whether it’s a spring shower, summer squall or winter frost, this lean to pavilion protects guests from the elements. Build this outdoor structure to host family barbeques or even a birthday party.

This timber frame design features a classic saltbox roof with asymmetrical sides. It’s easy to construct and is a great addition to any landscape.

Layout the Posts

Before starting to build this backyard structure you need to lay out the location of the posts. Do this by using batter boards and string. Make sure the layout is square by measuring the diagonals.

Once the location is marked you need to level the area and remove any vegetation layer. Then fit the 6×6 post base and anchor it to a concrete footer with wedge anchors. Also, fit the cross plates and drill pilot holes and insert 10” screws (2 for each joint). Lock the plates to the cross braces.

Build the Braces

Adding a pavilion or gazebo to your garden setting is an easy DIY project that can help enhance and beautify your home. This addition also adds value to your property and can be used as a seating or hang-out area.

Fit the top plates to the posts and plumb them with a spirit level. Make sure the corners are square and drill pilot holes before inserting screws.

Build corner braces using 6×6 lumber and make 45 degree cuts to both ends. Use a circular saw to make the notches and chisel out the excess.

Build the Ridge Beam

Pavilions are a great way to enjoy the outdoors with family and friends. Use this free pavilion plan by Everyday Shortcuts to build a backyard retreat.

The large size of this DIY pavilion by How To Specialist allows it to serve as a backyard venue for weddings, business meetings and family gatherings. It may even be able to be used to generate income for the homeowner by renting it out for special events.

Build the Top Plates

Host backyard barbeques, picnics or outdoor weddings under the roof of this sturdy wood pavilion. Constructed from timber beams and a rustic log base, this DIY pavilion is both durable and charming. It will also increase the property value of your home.

Fit the top plates to the ridge beam and make notches to both ends with a circular saw. Align the edges with attention, drill pilot holes and insert 8” screws to lock them in place.

Build the Top Rails

Build a backyard pavilion that will add extra outdoor living space to your home. This large outdoor structure will easily seat families and make your backyard feel larger.

This pavilion is large enough to host family barbecues, birthday parties or any other type of gathering. You can even use it as a party venue to earn extra income from your property. This simple gable design is easy to construct and will last for years. Finished with asphalt shingles, this pavilion will be durable and attractive.

Build the Cross Plates

The pavilion will help to create a comfortable, shaded space for families to relax and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s the perfect size to accommodate a family dining table, outdoor furniture, and even a grill!

It will also keep guests protected from Spring showers, Summer squalls, Winter frost and snowfall. What’s more, the structure will make your backyard feel instantly bigger and more usable. Then you can add curtains, lights and decorations to truly transform the space into a backyard retreat.

Build the Bottom Plates

Construct this DIY pavilion in a weekend and create a shady outdoor space. Perfect for family dinners, picnics, or relaxing in the garden. Add an awning or hanging canvas curtains to block out the sun or rain.

Use the information from the diagram to fit the rafters. Align them and secure with post to beam connectors and 1 1/2’’ structural screws.

Clear the site of vegetation and level it. Dig holes and fit the tube forms. Fill them with concrete and install the post anchors.

Build the Beams

Adding a backyard pavilion to your home adds an additional outside living space for family functions and outdoor storage. It also helps to make the backyard a comfortable place for relaxing on a sunny day.

The steep roof design makes this backyard structure desirable for hosting weddings, corporate get-togethers, back yard BBQ’s and other events. This pavilion can also be used to decorate for the different holiday seasons such as Christmas, Easter and Halloween. The aesthetically beautiful addition will look great when strung with lights or festooned with greenery.

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