Building a Wooden Pavilion

How to Build a Wooden Pavilion

Add a pavilion to your backyard to host family barbecues, picnics and other outdoor activities. You can even use the space to host parties or other events and earn extra income.

Wet pressure treated lumber at the lumber yard will have splits and cracks right from the stack – you can use it, but it won’t last as long as solid wood.

Layout the Posts

This is a great DIY project to build in your backyard. This wooden pavilion has a neat design and would make a good addition to any garden or outdoor space.

Start by laying out the posts for the pavilion using batter boards and string. Use the 3-4-5 rule to ensure that all the corners are right-angled. Next, dig holes for the posts and set them into concrete. Fit braces to the front and back of the posts.

Fit the Top Plates

Create a shady garden retreat and make the most of your outdoor space with this DIY pavilion plan. Install a ceiling fan and line the perimeter with plants that thrive in partial shade.

Use batter boards and string to layout the posts for your pavilion. Ensure that the diagonals are equal and that the corners are square. Fit the braces into place. Plumb the posts and then secure them with screws.

Fit the Braces

Adding a pavilion to your home will increase its usable outdoor space and add value. This timber frame design features side railings and a steep roof that will make it attractive for parties and events.

This cruck timber frame, which was commonly used in medieval times as tithe barns, is easy to build. It’s also economical to construct because it uses 2×6 lumber for the top plates.

Fit the braces into place by making 45 degree cuts on both ends. Plumb the plates and check if the corners are square before screwing them into place.

Fit the Rafters

Adding a wood pavilion to your backyard provides extra living space that can be used year-round. You can entertain guests and family or just enjoy the shade of this beautiful outdoor structure.

Use a spirit level to check the height of the top plates before you fit them into place. You can also add braces to the rafters to increase the rigidity of your timber pavilion kit. These can be made from 2×6 lumber with 26.6 degree cuts on both ends.

Fit the Roof

Adding a timber pavilion to your backyard is a great way to spend the weekends relaxing with family and friends. Depending on your needs, you may want to add a kitchen, TV, fire pit or other features.

Use 6×6 braces for the ridge beam supports to enhance the rigidity of your timber frame pavilion. Plumb the top plates with a spirit level and align the corners carefully.

Lay plywood sheets to the top of the rafters, leaving no gaps between the panels. Fit the side roof trims with 1×8 lumber, making angle cuts if necessary.

Fit the Trims

If you have a garden with little or no shade, a timber frame pavilion could provide the ideal spot to relax in. It can also be used to host family barbeques, outdoor weddings and other events.

Use a circular saw to cut notches into the braces of the ridge beam. Make the angle cuts to fit 1×8 trims into place on each side of the roof. Align the edges and insert 2” nails to lock them into place tightly.

Fit the Doors

For an elegant and timeless addition to your backyard, consider a cruck timber frame pavilion. This style features long curved beams that extend to the ridge to form a high-peaked roof.

The most critical area to promote longevity of your timber frame structure is the joint where the lower end of a knee brace meets the timber post. Ensure there is sufficient overhang to protect this joinery from rain.

Fit the Windows

A pavilion, or gazebo, can be built in any shape you desire. They can be square, oblong, or circular and can use any type of building material. Pavilions can also have a roof that is open like a pergola or closed as a shed roof.

This pavilion plan by Garden Plans Free comes with a gable roof and is easy to build. It’s a perfect size for a family to sit under and enjoy the view.

Fit the Hardware

A wooden pavilion can be the focal point of a garden or yard. It adds structure, detail and function to a garden, whether it’s used for dining with friends or relaxing by the pool.

You can build a timber frame pavilion from scratch or purchase a kit with a variety of designs to suit your needs. Woodhouse’s design team can help you turn your dream into reality. Their plans are easy to follow and include detailed instructions.

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