Perfect Backyard Addition: Timber Frame 3 Gable Pavilion

How to Build a Timber Frame 3 Gable Pavilion

Gable pavilions are the perfect addition to your backyard. They offer plenty of space for seating and dining areas, and are also great for grilling and entertaining!

Use 2×6 lumber for the rafters. Cut 33.5 degree angles and birdsmouth cuts as indicated in the diagram to build this pavilion with a 8:12 pitch. Fit the rafters to the plates and ridge beam using metal connectors and structural screws.


If you want a pavilion that is easy to keep clean, vinyl may be the best option for you. This material is also very durable and resistant to fading. It’s a great choice for outdoor kitchens and dining spaces. It can also be used to create a stylish patio or porch.

In his obituary in The Times, Semon recalls that when he began experimenting with vinyl polymers back in the 1920s, people thought his invention was “worthless” and would throw it away. But, as Semon discovered, the flexible plastic could be manipulated into a fabric and he eventually received a patent in 1933.

Unlike other polymers, vinyl is derived only in part from hydrocarbon feedstocks like natural gas or petroleum. The rest of its makeup comes from the natural element chlorine, based on common salt and water. As a result, the material is less sensitive to fluctuations in the world oil market than are totally oil dependent polymers.


The natural beauty of cedar makes it a great choice for building an attractive pavilion in your yard. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to build a timber frame style three gabled pavilion using materials you probably already have in your home.

Whether you want to add an outdoor kitchen and dining area or just enjoy the view of your garden or lake from underneath, this DIY pavilion is a beautiful addition to any property. You can also use it to host backyard barbeques, birthday parties or even weddings.

This oblong pavilion plan by My Outdoor Plans is large enough to house a fully equipped kitchen and dining area on both ends, or it can be used as a play structure for kids to hang out with their friends. It’s easy to build, thanks to its dynamic post and beam design that uses metal connectors rather than joinery. Fit the plates to the posts, and plumb them vertically by using a spirit level. Then, fit the rafters to the plates and the ridge beam, making sure you have the 33.5 degree cuts for the birdsmouth cuts.

Rustic Wood

Host weekend family barbeques, birthday parties or outdoor weddings under the roof of this timber frame pavilion. This DIY structure will also increase the value of your home and could be a way to earn extra income if your property has a view such as a lake or mountain.

This pavilion by Timber Frame Headquarters is made of pressure-treated lumber that will last 50+ years and look great with little to no maintenance needed. This design features a shed roof for easy construction, but still offers plenty of protection from the elements.

To make this wooden gazebo even stronger, use diagonal braces to tie the rafters together. These can be cut from scrap 2x4s or you can purchase rafter ties. Use them along with a pair of post to beam connectors and 2 1/2” structural screws to fasten the ridge beam to the supports. Space the rafters every 24” on center. Use a level and batter boards to layout the location of each support.


The standard pavilion design combines rustic and contemporary aesthetics in a graceful and straightforward structure. With the ability to integrate well into a wide range of outdoor living spaces, this style of pavilion is popular for picnic areas, wedding venues, and poolside patios. It’s often constructed using wood with a natural finish or painted to match the color of a pool deck or patio area.

Timber frame construction is a signature of this style of pergola. These outdoor pavilion plans feature a raised collar beam instead of connector beams running at the same level as the main plates and a steeper roof with struts, chambered post corners, and exposed oak pegs.

The gable shape of this pavilion reveals its impressive trusses while the shed roof offers ample protected space for picnicking, dining, napping, and relaxing. Add a grill, hammocks, and seating to turn your backyard into an inviting family hangout. This oblong wooden pavilion is the perfect size for gatherings with friends and family, making it an ideal spot to cook, dine, relax and unwind.

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